Hahns Macaw Parrot Eggs For Sale



Can you buy fertile macaw eggs?
YES ! You have to opportunity to buy fertile macaw eggs and hatch them.
Browse our catalog and buy 100% fertile macaw eggs.

How long does it take for a macaw egg to hatch?
About 27 days after the egg is laid the chick will be ready to hatch. This period may vary by a day if the correct incubation temperature of 99.5°F (37.5°C). Hatcher temperature of 98.5°F (36.9°C) have been maintained and weight management practiced. Pip occurs at 48 to 24 hours prior to hatch.

Can you buy fertile parrot eggs?
You can expect to buy fertile macaw eggs, sometimes a lot depending on the rarity of the bird, for a fertile egg. Find a parrot breeder. Now, depending on whether you wish eggs to hatch or to collect, the price will vary.

How do you hatch a macaw egg?
Incubate the eggs in an incubator designed for parrot or exotic bird eggs. The incubator you use should have accurate temperature control within one-tenth of one degree, and ideally a system for humidity control. Maintain the temperature at 99.3 degrees F, and the humidity at 40 to 50 percent.


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