Lutino Macaw


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Lutino macaw also known as the Golden jewels of macaw is a lutino mutation of blue and gold macaw. A Lutino bird is one that exhibits yellow pigmentation known as xanthochromism.

The Lutino mutation results in the removal of melanin throughout the body. Consequently, the macaw will not exhibit the natural blue and yellow coloring of the blue and gold macaw.

There is a very limited number of these available. Unlike the Blue and Gold Macaws with black beaks, claws, and facial features, the Lutino has bright yellow-orange feathers, as well as white beaks, tongues, legs, and claws.

As opposed to black, its eyes are a pinkish-gray color. In this species, the lutino variation is a result of a sex-linked gene mutation that causes the yellow feathers. Since two non-lutino birds can produce lutino offspring, it is considered a recessive gene.


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