Turquoise Opaline Quaker Eggs For Sale


Buy Fertile Quaker Parrot Eggs is a small-size parrot about the size of a Quaker with a heavier structure. These bright green monomorphic birds are find in the sub-tropical regions of South America.

We sell very fertile candlelight hatching parrot eggs for several species of parrots. All our eggs are collect from very healthy birds in our aviary, candlelight test and 100% confirmed fertile for hatching healthy babies. We are currently taking orders for people who are interested in raising their parrots from the egg stage. Hatching your own babies can be very exciting.

Declare as crop pests in many states of The US, Quakers parrot’s feral population has increase in large numbers in recent years. And most of the credit goes to Quaker parrot egg-laying tendency. They attain sexual maturity early on which increases their number of mating seasons thereafter.

Unlike other famous parrot species, Quakers exhibit a unique behavior during breeding and egg-laying period. For them, it is more of an emotional act than a physical one and they work hard to infuse life to each egg the female Quaker lays.

With love and care, the offspring wins over all the hardships of infancy and is train well by the male Quaker to live safely when he finally steps out of his apartment-like nest. Both male and female Quaker works as one family unit and divides all their duties and responsibilities pretty much like a new human to-be parents.


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