Brinsea Maxi II EX Incubator (Automatic)


Incubator capacity 14 parrots eggs & 40 quail eggs based on ‘standard sized’ eggs (standard & small egg disk included)
One of the main features of this incubator is that it has full humidity control. It is fully integrated into the unit meaning that there is no separate pump that needs setting up or maintaining. With the pump being integrated, it means that the only external part that you need is a container for the water!
The humidity is controlled via the simple digital display on top of the incubator, the user sets the desired level and the pump ensures that the set level is maintained within its tolerances.

The newest edition to Brinsea’s range of incubators is the Maxi II EX. This small incubator comes with two eggs to allow for maximum capacity on the species that you are incubating. It also has complete temperature and humidity control meaning that the user has complete control over the incubation conditions.
This incubator features all of Brinsea’ s technology, new and old, and gives you the best chance of hatching your eggs.
Main Features
Digital temperature display range of 20.0-40.0°C (68.0-104.0°F)
Temperature display of °C or °F
Digital humidity Display
Automatic humidity control (built in pumping system)
Automatic egg turning
Fan assisted airflow
Adjustable turning interval and angle
Protected by Biomaster Antimicrobial additive
Optional egg cooling feature
Ventilation control
External water top-up
Incubator and room temperature alarm
Power fail indicator.


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