Brinsea Ovation 28 EX Incubator (Automatic) For Sale


The Ovation 28 EX is the most sophisticated incubator that Brinsea have produced. One of their newest incubators to celebrate 40 years of manufacturing, the Ovation 28 EX contains all Brinsea’s best features and offers the user complete control over the environment that the eggs are developing in.

The Ovation 28 EX is a fully automatic incubator in which the airflow is second to none. It comes complete with a fully digital temperature & humidity display, automatic humidity control with its own built in pump and automatic egg turning. The egg turning is controlled via the digital display and can be set to turn at various intervals throughout the day. Eggs sit in egg baskets and the Ovation 28 comes with 4 egg baskets included.
Main Features.
Calibrated digital temperature display with a range of 20.0 – 40.0°C (68.0 – 104.0°F).
Digital display of temperature in °C or °F
Digital Humidity display with automatic humidity control (built in humidity pump)
Fully automatic egg turning with programmable turning interval
Abnormally high or low incubation temperature alarms
Room temperature alarm
Fan assisted airflow with Induced Dual Airflow system
Egg cooling feature
Protected by Biomaster antimicrobial additive
Ventilation control
Incubation capacity of 28 parrot eggs, based on a standard sized parrot eggs. (4 standard egg baskets supplied as standard).


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