Egg Incubators with Automatic Egg Turning Turner for Hatching Eggs with Egg Candler For Sale


Incubator parameters
Working voltage: AC95~125V / 50Hz
Power: <41W
Dimensions: (L x W x H)32 cm x 21 cm x 12.5 cm
Triocottage incubators design highlights

1, Parrots egg incubator with free egg candler, easy to use, only one click
2, The incubators for hatching eggs with automatic turner is completely hands-off however you can also manually press and hold the LED button for 3 seconds to start the turner work once
3, The large-area heating wire plate and the built-in turbo fan make the heat evenly distributed, The mainframe is durable, resistant to wear and tear, and has a long life.
4, Stepped sink keeps the humidity in the egg incubator perfect, can effectively control the humidity, You can also increase or decrease the number of sinks used according to the ambient humidity
5, Tailored PS insulating layer for Incubators can stabilize the temperature for hatching eggs, Power saving and improve hatching rate
Scope of application
Triocottage small digital incubator fits great The perfect for learning & enjoying the incubation process,in school classrooms, and even science labs.
The auto egg incubator is perfect for a small backyard chicken keeper,the mini model doesn’t take up any space.
The mini incubator is suitable for all birds and poultry eggs, for example, : 3-6 goose’s eggs ; 18-21 pigeon eggs;12-15 chicken egg;24-28 quail eggs,quaker or parrot eggs macaw eggs Silkies, lovebird eggs, guinea eggs,, if you are going to be doing larger eggs such as turkey or smaller eggs such as quail eggs or Jumbo, sized chicken eggs it no problem
Within 90 days from the delivery, if there is a malfunction that cannot work, please contact the after-sales mailbox and we will exchange the incubator for free.
If there is any problem within 1 year from the delivery, please contact the after-sales email address and we will mail the accessories of the incubator to you free.


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